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Butch Walker
Sat, 23 May 2015 21:00:00 +0000

When: May 23, 2015 9:00:00 PM in Madison, Wisconsin
Cost: $16 Advance $18 Day of Show

Fri, 27 Mar 2015 00:00:00 +0000

"Q-Ball: A Queer Dance Party" returns to Inferno Nightclub on a new night... Now every Fourth Friday!!

Hosted byLili Luxewith music byDJ Boyfrrriend.
Put on your dancing shoes and come out!

She Said Partyfriends are behind the bar.
Come out and say hi to Amber & Sarah!

This month features a special Drag King Show with performances by:

Miles Madison
Johnny Cakes
Lux Luthor
Vern Smash
Anthony SAVAGE
Deryck Dashing
Rex & Red
James Bondage
with special guestLyndsay EvansfromSexy Ester!!

Doors at 9:00 pm. Show starts at 10:00 pm
21 ID Required $5 Cover

RSVP for this event and be "Queer as a Three-Dollar Bill"
(A special promo code will be messaged to you the day of the event to receive a reduced cover price of $3.)

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Luxe Produxionsare always LGBTQ/Female-friendly.
Everyone is encouraged and welcome to attend but absolutely no bullying or predatory behavior of any kind is tolerated.

When: Mar 27, 2015 12:00:00 AM in Madison, Wisconsin

Stape's Vapes Launch Party
Thu, 07 May 2015 00:00:00 +0000

When: May 7, 2015 12:00:00 AM in Madison, Wisconsin

REVERB presents:
Sat, 28 Mar 2015 00:00:00 +0000

REVERB is the persistent echo from over a decade of Inferno dance nights. REVERB is a tactical aural assault from door time 'til bar time. REVERB is showing up not in what you think makes you look best, but what is going to be the most forgiving to dance in all night. REVERB is one thing and one thing alone: kick-ass dark dance music. Our target is the dance floor, our weapons are a host of veteran DJs, and the collateral damage is you.

For the March edition of REVERB, we are proud to present FLASHBACK! Join us as DJs Mindphaser and psych0tron turn the clock back to not only the days of a classic HaLO DJ pairing from Inferno evenings of days past, but also back to the 90's best in goth, industrial, ebm, and electronic club classics!

DJ Mindphaser (HaLO/Kinked)
DJ psych0tron (REVERB/Sabbat de Sade/Bass Asylum)

Doors at 9pm. $5 cover.

When: Mar 28, 2015 12:00:00 AM in Madison, Wisconsin

MAJESTIC LIVE presents CYMBALS EAT GUITARS w/ Split Single, Julian Lynch
Mon, 30 Mar 2015 20:00:00 +0000

MAJESTIC LIVE presents CYMBALS EAT GUITARS w/ Split Single, Julian Lynch
March 30, 8:00 PM
Ages: 18+


Doors 7 PM, Show 8 PM
MAJESTIC LIVE presents CYMBALS EAT GUITARS w/ Split Single, Julian Lynch

“Wanna wake up wanting to listen to records / But those old feelings elude me / I raise a toast to the rock n’ roll ghost,” sings Cymbals Eat Guitars frontman Joseph D’Agostino on the hyper-adrenalized “XR,” which sounds like a Tonight’s the Nightouttake recorded at triple speed, with its braying harmonica and spitfire vocal delivery. It’s the track that perhaps best captures the spirit of the band’s third LP, LOSE, one of coping with abject loss and grief by rediscovering what you’ve always loved, as difficult as it may be—the redemptive power of music. For D’Agostino, this entailed coming to terms with his best friend and musical collaborator Benjamin High, who passed away suddenly seven years ago, just as Cymbals Eat Guitars began recording in earnest.

LOSE is a very apropos title because it refers not only to losing Ben, but also it’s about a sort of nostalgia, a longing for a time when music meant everything to you and your friends, and it seemed like one great rock record could change everyone’s life the way it changed yours,” says D’Agostino. “It’s about being in mourning for your long-held belief that music could literally change the world. That’s the contradiction at the heart ofLOSE… You’re disillusioned, but somehow you can do nothing else but rail against that feeling mightily and try, once again, to make a record that makes you and everyone else ‘wake up wanting to listen to records’.”


And indeed, the band, rounded out by bassist Matthew Whipple, keyboardist Brian Hamilton, and drummer Andrew Dole, alongside producer John Agnello, do little wallowing. This is a raucous affair, an Irish Wake, ultimately rooted in nothing less than a celebration of just being alive.


“Jackson” kicks off the album in prototypical Cymbals fashion—all allusions to suburban ennui, drugs, and geography, as D’Agostino reminisces, “We’re riding through Jackson Pines / Towards Six Flags to wait in lines,” with an agoraphobic romantic companion whom he directly addresses, “You’re taking two Klonopin / So you can quit flipping / And face our friends.” Yet, this is a leaner, more sinister Cymbals. The vocals are crisper, the drums more dynamic, the bass more melodic, all buttressed by a sensational see-saw guitar figure that blossoms into a lacerating yet anthemic rocker.


“I think this one is obviously more accessible than Why There Are Mountains or Lenses Alien,” says D’Agostino, referring to the band’s first two LPs, their debut having been awarded Pitchfork’s coveted Best New Music. “The first two had a lot more stop and start,” he continues. “This one has a ton of momentum. It’s got fluidity and grace. I think I gave the lyrics more room to breathe, so you can kind of follow what’s going on.”


The record also features some radical stylistic departures for the band. “We just got tired of playing mathy, ponderous songs every night,” laughs D’Agostino. This sea change is exemplified by the tranquil, gorgeous Velvets-esque ballad “Child Bride,” and the soulful slow-burn of “Laramie,” that finds D’Agostino crooning in a near Prince-esque falsetto, “I’ll do the Kev and you can do the Charles,” slyly referencing band favorite The Wrens, before admitting with contrition, “We were both in need of rescue / So who saved whom?”


And that’s what’s perhaps most impressive about LOSE—the manner in which D’Agostino comes clean with his emotions, tackling seemingly ineffable mourning without equivocation. “There are no $5 words that you’ll have to pull up dictionary.comfor… some of the lyrics are directly confessional. Very open, no obfuscation,” he explains. “I lost my dear friend a while ago and I’ve sort of been addressing it in song for most of my career, though you probably couldn’t really tell until now. It’s just a direct expression of grief. I figured if I confronted it head-on on record it’d make for some interesting music.”


But this is more than interesting—LOSE is a headlong rush of regret sublimated into a grand catharsis.


“These songs are a joy to play, and hopefully they will be a joy to listen to,” says D’Agostino. “I know I still get chills from every song on this record, so that has to mean something. You have to trust that feeling.”


Ages: 18+

When: Mar 30, 2015 8:00:00 PM in Madison, Wisconsin

SAAND Spring Shuffle
Sat, 18 Apr 2015 10:00:00 +0000

A beautiful springtime lakefront 5K in the downtown Madison area with the purpose to raise money to donate to various neurodegenerative disease associations in the Madison area including: ALS, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease , and Huntington's Disease Associations.

When: Apr 18, 2015 10:00:00 AM in Madison, Wisconsin
Cost: 10$ for UW Students/$20 for non-students

JOE JACK TALCUM (The Dead Milkmen) w/ Samuel Locke Ward
Wed, 20 May 2015 21:00:00 +0000

JOE JACK TALCUM: Joe Jack Talcum is an American musician and songwriter, best known as the guitarist and co-lead vocalist for the punk rock group The Dead Milkmen. Residing in Philadelphia, Genaro has performed with a number of punk and indie rock groups, most recently including The Low Budgets, and is also a solo artist. He is gay and of Italian heritage. Genaro has consistently recorded solo material since the early 1980s. Between 1984 and 1999, he self-released eight cassette tapes composed of home recorded songs. The four-piece group Butterfly Joe, named after one of Genaro's pseudonyms and featuring Dead Milkmen drummer Dean Sabatino, assembled to perform Genaro's solo material. They released a self-titled, full-length album on Razler Records in 1999, but went on indefinite hiatus shortly thereafter. In 2005, the Virginia-based Valiant Death label released a CD of material from Genaro's cassettes, Home Recordings 19841997. Under the name Joe Jack Talcum, he released Photographs from the Shoebox, a split LP/CD with Mischief Brew, in 2008 on Fistolo Records. The next year, his Live in the Studio album was released on CD and digital download formats. This record featured Genaro backed by a drummer and slide guitar/banjo player. Genaro also frequently tours behind his solo material. SAMUEL LOCKE WARD: Samuel Locke Ward is a self-made song writer, singer, multi instrumentalist, producer & performance artist. He has built one of the largest & most diverse catalogs of recorded music in the Midwest; collaborating with a wide variety of players and bands of all ages in a genre-bending style that combines sincereity with the absurd to create a sound that is undeniably catchy & unmistakably his own.

When: May 20, 2015 9:00:00 PM to May 21, 2015 2:00:00 AMin Madison, Wisconsin
Cost: 10 - 10 USD

Fri, 01 May 2015 21:00:00 +0000

From their start as a full band, Speedy Ortiz found a warm reception in the Bay State’s rock underground, from Boston’s basements to Western Massachusetts’ experimental scene. In March 2012, the band recorded and self-released a two-song single (“Taylor Swift” / “Swim Fan”) with Paul Q. Kolderie (Pixies, Hole) and Justin Pizzoferrato (Chelsea Light Moving, Dinosaur Jr.). Establishing both creative momentum and a fanbase earned through near-constant U.S. touring, they continued with the Sports EP, a loosely conceptual 10” released on Exploding In Sound that June.

Their debut album Major Arcana, named Best New Music by Pitchfork, saw the evolution of Speedy Ortiz from a lo-fi project into a wholly collaborative effort, marked by Darl Ferm’s thick bass lines, drummer Mike Falcone’s boisterous fills, and the counterbalance between guitarist Matt Robidoux’s anti-melodic playing and frontwoman Sadie Dupuis’s angular riffing. The end result is a band able to distill their influences and impulses into something at once dissonant and melodic.

For their upcoming Real Hair EP, Speedy Ortiz has teamed up with Paul Q. Kolderie once again, resulting in a collection brushed with effected guitars and pop-conscious vocals. Here Dupuis attempts to untangle concerns about misrepresentation of identity in four songs delivered with the band’s signature abrasive clarity. The band will support the EP on the road into 2014 with a January southeastern string of All-Ages shows with Boston friends Grass is Green, their first European tour in February, and supporting slots with the Breeders and Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks.
Special Notes

Ages: 18 and up
Presented by: Majestic Live
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Fri, April 10

Show Date:
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Special Guests:
Krill, Two Inch Astronaut

Show Time:
Doors at 8:00pm
Show at 9:00pm

$12 Advance
$14 Day of Show
*ID Required for Entry

When: May 1, 2015 9:00:00 PM in Madison, Wisconsin
Cost: $12 Advance $14 Day of Show *ID Required for Entry

R. RING w/ Vanishing Kids
Sat, 02 May 2015 21:00:00 +0000

R. RING R. Ring is Kelley Deal & Mike Montgomery. It is voices, guitars and keys. It is sparse, chaotic, abrasive and lulling, often within the same song. Kelley also plays with the Breeders. Mike plays with Ampline. VANISHING KIDS VK formed in 2000 by Nikki Drohomyreky and Jason Hartman out of a mutual love of varying styles of music including post punk, no wave, progressive rock, indie and more. Through the years they have released albums through Failed Experiment records/ Underground Inc. (Chicago) and Bright as Night. They have been on many national tours and played countless regional shows. The band has been based out of Portland, OR, Seattle, WA and Madison, WI. They're '05 album "The Selfish Mirror" was produced by Martin Atkins (PIL/ Killing Joke/ Ministry etc). It was nationally and internationally distributed by Rykodisc. They have worked with Larry Crane (Jackpot! studios/ Elliot Smith/ Sleater Kinney), Steven Wray Lobdell (Faust/ Lords of Falconry), Mike Lastra (Smegma) and Steven Siebold (Damage Manuel/ Hate Dept.) among others. 2013 will provide the 4th full studio album, 9th overall release. (Excluding several compilation appearances.) You can find them on Pandora radio, Last FM, All Music Guide, Discogs and more.

When: May 2, 2015 9:00:00 PM to May 3, 2015 2:00:00 AMin Madison, Wisconsin
Cost: 10 - 10 USD

Sat, 02 May 2015 19:00:00 +0000

Cereus Bright finds its muse—and its name—from the Cereus: a white desert flower that blooms only at night. This flower, blossoming in the most desolate of places, is a symbol of art and story, which draw their beauty from brokenness and heartache. In their lyrics and melodies, Cereus Bright aims to embrace life as both messy and beautiful.

Their songs showcase strong, passionate harmonies singing stories of real life—hope and heartbreak, adventure and stillness. Tyler Anthony plays guitar, piano, and sings, Evan Ford layers harmonies while playing mandolin and lead guitar. Bassist Matt Nelson and drummer Luke Bowers provide driving rhythm and nuanced texture. On special occasions, they are joined by violinist Kaitlyn Ferry and cellist Gideon Klein.

Ideologically, Cereus Bright makes a strong case for Folk music. Recently the genre of folk has come to mean “acoustic pop”, blending together into a sea of kick drums, hand claps, and escalating banjo riffs. In its roots, Folk music is meant to communicate; to use simple, melodic music to communicate stories of success and heartbreak, to transport and convict listeners. This is Cereus Bright’s goal—drawing you in with beautiful melodies so they can move you with poetic yet direct lyrics. Connections with bands like the Avett Brothers, Fleet Foxes, and the Head and the Heart are apt comparisons and major compliments.

Cereus Bright self-released their second recording, the five song EP, Happier Than Me, on November 12, 2013; exactly a year after the release of their first EP recording, Goldmine. This year has seen the band in near constant motion, crisscrossing the country in support of Jackie Green, Philip Philips, The Infamous Stringdusters, and Count This Penny. Currently, Cereus Bright continues to lay their roots around the country, with dates supporting Sturgill Simpson, The Dirty Guv’nahs, and Judah And The Lion on the books for fall 2014.
Special Notes

Ages: 18 and up
Presented by: Majestic Live
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Sat, May 30

Show Date:
Sat, May 2

Special Guests:

Show Time:
Doors at 6:00pm
Show at 7:00pm

*ID Required for Entry

When: May 2, 2015 7:00:00 PM in Madison, Wisconsin
Cost: $10 *ID Required for Entry